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Aria Appleton Shines

Aria Appleton Shines is Nathan D. Myers' feature, Directorial debut. Created by D'Lytha Myers, Aria Appleton is a musical movie with six original songs written by Nathan taking us on an wild adventure through the fantastical mind of self-consumed Aria Appleton.

Aria Appleton is a talented 11 year old girl who will will do anything to achieve stardom - even conspire to cheat her best friend out of the lead role in the school musical. When Aria's oblivious mother leaves on a two week "business cruise", Aria is forced to stay with her babysitter's quirky, but genuine family. Through the family's positive influence, and through experiencing great loss, Aria begins to have second thoughts about her schemes, but might not be able to stop the events she's set in motion. Through everything, Aria escapes into her imagination to make sense of it all - her imagination, of course, being a variety of fantastic sequences, animation and musical numbers.

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