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Bringing Back Christmas

Bringing Back Christmas at

Bringing Back Christmas is a fun, campy feature comedy featuring Leigh Allyn Baker, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Dean Cain, and Ryan O'Quinn written by Trey & Ariel Fernald, and Produced by Ryan and Heather O'Quinn of Damascus Road Productions. Production Design by Nathan D. Myers featuring Nathan's original design work of Capernaum Studios Village and Gardens AND new design aspects specific to a quirky, satire. The movie has a time travel element that takes us from modern day and puts us smack dab in the middle of Mary and Joseph's story before and after the annunciation of the birth of Christ. Now available on streamers worldwide. Nathan's favorite, personal addition: Mary's Luggage pieces and Joseph's fannypack and backpack --- Luggage pieces by Nathan and leather backpack designed by Costumer Amber Haralson.

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